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A List

When we are born, we get registered. The birth certificate is a beginning of our integration into society and our identity. 

Later in life, the amount of list we become a part of increases as the amount of our responsibilities and obligations. We can become a part of a list voluntarily, or we can get listed against our will. 

This work explore these phenomena of getting listed using the list of Russian Foreign Agents — non-profit organization, non-governmental press and individuals who are financed by foreign country or are under the influence of it. But the truth is it a list of people with a world view that opposes or threatens the current regime agenda. 

This work was created before the start of “partial mobilization” in Russia. When thousands of people get listed against their will. Getting listed mean you have a choice, to go to war, prison, or hide and run. This is a choice that is nobody wants to face, and yet it is very real. Many of my friends get listed, some of them relocated in a hurry to another country. As did I. 


- arturia minibrture

- volca keys

- akai apc 40 

- laptop


- ableton live

- pure data 

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