Maxim IMANOU Fadeev (b.1986, Kaliningrad) — interdisciplinary artist, music producer, educator and curator. 
Maxim have an MA degree in media art from FEFU, lab of new media (Vinzavod), currently studying in Dmitry Morozov ( aka ::vtol::) lab.
Main topics that Maxim explores are: postnational, character created by time and underlying process behind industries. 
Mediums: performance, sound, music, video, hybrid media, installations. 

His works have been exhibited at many museums and galleries, including the NCCA, Electromuseum (Moscow), Kaliningrad Art Museum, Primorye State Art Gallery (Vladivostok) and others. 

Founder of IMANOU and IMANOU Orchestra music projects. Founder of laboratory of experimental approaches to music production. Frequent keynote speaker with topics around creativity, art and music.


31.10.2021 IMANOU Live “VL Tapes” @ Sound Around (NCCA Kaliningrad)

30.10.2021 Artist Talk @ Sound Around (NCCA Kaliningrad)

18.04.2021 Laundry club IMANOU music live (Vladivostok)

06.02.2021  “Coffe Machine” 24 hours stream and performance @ Necogda online exebition

31.10.2020 SoundArt Vladivostok Syncopa curator and performer

03.09.2020 “The Wave” @ Electromuseum (Moscow) “–Da. Field processing”

03.09.2020 Finished education at Vinzavod Moscow “Lab Of New Media”

26.08.2020 IMANOU “Shadow” release, label Vibratio

12.08.2020 Artist talk @ NCCA Kaliningrad

05.08.2020 IMANOU “Orca” release, label Vibratio

03.07.2020 Participant and co-curator of online execution “Expectation for the new nature”

29.02.2020 Live improvisational performance with 873hz (Vladivostok)

07.02.2020 Live perfomace  performance with 873hz (Vladivostok)

05.02.2020 A/V performance @ Digital Art exhibition  (Vladivostok Ajacks)

03.01.2020 IMANOU “Timeless” release, label Broken Tape Records

01.12.2020 IMANOU “United and Strong” release, label Vibratio.

12.09.2019 IMANOU live @ Pluton (Vladivostok)

30.08.2019 IMANOU live @ Port (Kaliningrad)

12.08.2019 IMANOU “Disregard” release, label Vibratio

06.07.2019 IMANOU “Dig Deeper” music video release

25.01.2019 Masterclass “Art & Business, similarities and differences. @ Leader Centre, Kaliningrad

10.12.2018 Interview for Tvoybro magazine

18.11.2018 IMANOU “Unconscious Dance” release, label Vibratio

30.08.2018 IMANOU Dj set @ Paradoxical Open Air

11.08.2018 IMANOU “Somnambulist” release, label LeftRight Sound

06.08.2018 Keynote speech @ PechaKucha “Typical creative person”

02.07.2018 IMANOU Dj Set @ Blockchain forum, London club

30.09.2017 live improvisation @ Spaceexpress

12.08.2017 “Pulse of the city” public sound art experiment

13.07.2017 participant @ BaltArtek fim school, as sound director & music composer

25.04.2017 IMANOU live @ Sound Around (NNCa Kaliningrad)

23.06.2017 IMANOU “New Power” release, label Vibratio

26.03.2017 IMANOU “Transhumanism” release, label Vibratio

2016-2018 LiveStudio Kids, music production program for kids