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Dmitry Morozov #3

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Show notes

Dmitry's VK Group — ?ysclid=lq3peq29jv175939880


0:00 — Information about the guest
0:57 — Where did the interest in technology come from?
7:45 a.m. — Methods of historical research that Dmitry adopted from his parents
11:22 — Why did Dmitry choose the name VTOL and what does it mean
15:09 — How did Dmitry move from technology creation to musical activity?
20:46 — Did you manage to find that new sound? Is it worth looking for a new one?
26:47 — Art came from progress
28:37 — Which of the modern technologies inspires Dmitry
32:56 — GPT Chat
33:44 — How technologies like GPT chat will affect art
35:24 — How important is the environment and the party for people of the creative profession?
39:43 — What can I recommend to people who live in small towns or are looking for a creative environment in a new place?
43:39 — How does Dmitry manage to be so productive?
45:10 — How does Dmitry generate so many ideas?
50:30 — What advice can I give to people who have problems with generating ideas
1:08:45 — How science and art combine
1.15:16 — Why are the flagship works of Art and Scince a procedural story?
01:20:02 — How did Dmitry come up with the idea of creating an Antenna and at what time did he create this work
01:24:48 — Are there any examples of such works that really influenced the situation regarding which the artist created these works
01:33:49 — About Activist art

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