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      This work is personal reflection and archive of stories based on the phenomenon of the Verkhny Lars border crossing. At the end of September 2022. Right after the announcement of mobilization in Russia. It consists of two parts:

1) An ever-expanding archive of stories and media.

2) The performance of “Lars 24.”



       We have collected about 30 stories of people crossing the Georgia border after mobilization was announced in Russia.

Men and women, children and animals, who voted with their feet. In those stories, people share different aspects of this experience. From kindness of strangers to extortion, and psychological pressure from the officials. Military and police, working with criminals, were not trying to solve problems but facilitate them and to earn as much as possible in the process.

You can read them here.



Performance Instructions:

       For 24 hours, I will stand/sit/lie on the amphitheater stage, taking one step per hour. I will not shout anything, talk loudly, perform provocative actions or engage in conflict. In addition to reflecting on the performance itself and its theme, throughout the hour I plan to engage in practices that I want to pay attention to at the moment, such as continuing to study the Georgian alphabet and words; reading books that I have in printed form that I was going to read; calling my mother; researching historical cases of certain armed conflicts, etc. Every hour, I plan to change the practices I will be doing. You can enter into a dialogue with me, but I reserve the option to withdraw from it when I feel the need to switch to something else.

For 24 hours, I will be doing a text broadcast on my Telegram channel. 

       You can join the performance by lining up with me at any time. You can also leave the performance at any moment.

When you join the queue, you must observe the rules of conduct I described above. You can read the materials available on this page, engage in your own personal practices, reflection, or dialogue with one another, but you have to adhere to the same rules of conduct. If you plan to listen to audio materials or something of your own, please do so with headphones.


The performance lasted for 24 hours.

From 18:00 26.11.22 to 18:00 27.11.22.

At Mziuri park, Amphitheater, Tbilisi.

Two months after the border crossing.

Performance documentation.


      You can participate in the project by sending us your story, or any media, about crossing Verkhny Lars. Or help us with translating them into English, Georgian and Ukrainian languages.

Another way to help is to donate to organizations we support: "Volunteers Tbilisi" / "«Emigration for action".

Contact us

Maxim IMANOU FadeevDima Belysh

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