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Divide and Conquer


Divide and conquer is an old principle of power. It means that divided groups of people are much more easily controlled, than a united one.
I remember in my hometown in 2010d welling houses starts to build fences around them and the gates. On the transport roads, fences pops up too. Public schools and institutions followed the trend. Physical divide was happening in parallel with a legislative and digital ones.
Massive blocking of websites, messengers, social media etc. Polarization and blaming followed that. At the moment, people who are against the war or current politics are called traitors, agents of the west, or some another derogatory term by the government. Divide crackles grew inside the families and generations. Divide and conquer in action. 
But what really unites people? And what can we do about it? And what other ways of dividing us are under construction? 

- standard fences for construction
- artificial grass

- video projector

- resolume

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