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Farewell to Königsberg

Leaving home is never easy. Especially when you are forced to do it. This is the last work created in Kaliningrad before known as Königsberg. This A/V performance explores the topic of the transformation of territory and the people living on it. Konisgberg became a Kaliningrad, and the native population get pushed away and get replaced by a communist party with soviet people. Adolf Shevchenko was one of those people, as many other artists, including my grandpa. Adolf started to picture the transformation of the city using linocuts, which became the visual basis of this piece. This work combines many agencies, the idea of curator Danil Akimov, my interpretation of the history of the city, and AI algorithms. 
The presentation of this work was done at the Sound Around festival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, at the same time as news about "partial mobilization" arrived. This was the moment, I felt like this native population was pushed away. I understand, that I might never get back to the place a was born and grew up. The place I loved. War and politics again become a driving force of transformation of the territory, which gets abandoned by many of its residents, and a start for the transformation of those who leave but also who decided to stay. 


- arturia minibrute

- akai apc 40

- volca keys

- laptop


- ableton live

- pure data

- disco diffusion

- stable diffusion
- aphantasia
- resolume
- giga studio video enhance ai 

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