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Last One


Interactive installation with video mapping.

How often we give ourselves promises and then break them? What force is behind the desire to change ourselves for better and what get in the way? We all have an ideal self and a real self. Ideal self — is an image of us in the future, what we can become if we use our potential wisely. The real self is what we are now. The relationships between the two are very important. For example, if the difference between them is too dramatic, people start to experience different personality disorders. Perfectionism, anxiety, food disorders all can be a consequence of this gap. 80% of smokers what to stop. 30% make regulars attempts to do so. Only 3% succeed. One of the reasons it is addiction is hard to overcome. Another one is love/ hate relationships with tobacco. This duality is everywhere. In nature, in social structures in a way we think.

The Russian word on the cigarette means “last one”. Installation is interactive, it is meant that everybody can take a cigarette from installation and smoke it. Maybe it will become his or her last one.

Funny fact: the last exhibit of this installation was smoked out by me, and after it, I stopped smoking.

The work was created during the master's program “Digital Art” at FEFU. Tutor Pavel Parahonich.

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