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The Wave

Audio perfomance and sound art

The Wave — monistic audio performance that explores the boundary between notions and
the questioning dichotomy of our perception.

For this work, different sound sources were recorded and used. Field recordings of different kinds. Sounds of nature and human activity. Electromagnetic recordings, light modulation, and electroacoustic instruments. Every sound source symbolizes a different side of the dichotomies:

music / noise
acoustic / electronic
natural / artificial
art / not art

The goal was to clash these elements against each other, blurring the boundaries, and
observe what is similar and what is different about the properties of chosen sounds. Another important element is humans who perceive and interpret this sound data.

Performance of a piece: all sounds were chosen, played, and processed live using Ableton live and various midi controllers in an improvised manner.


- custom build emp recorder

- custom build light modulation recorder

- audio recorder 

- laptop

- launchpad

- akai mpk


- ableton live

- various audio processing plugins 

The work was created during masters program “Digital Art” at FEFU. Tutor Boris Shershenkov.

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