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Andrey Chugunov #2 — 

"About temporality, multiperspectivity, talent visa and death"

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Show notes

     Andrey Chugunov is a media artist who works at the intersection of digital and analog media, combining sound art, light installations, generative graphics, technological sculpture, media performance, and ready-made work in his practice. In his personal projects, he explores the concepts of morality, temporality, autonomy, and the fading of memory.


    In 2018, Andrey was awarded at the 22nd Japanese Media Art Festival in the "New Faces" category in the field of art. He was a nominee for the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in the "Science Art" category for 2020, as well as part of the art group 4J in the "Art in Public Space" category for 2018. He received an honorable mention in the Media Art category and was shortlisted for the Digital Art category as part of the "FutureTense" award in 2022. He is the winner of the "Art of Neuroscience" competition and a nominee for the "Niio x AI Art Prizes" as part of the art group pt9 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

In this episode

 How non-art related specialties become part of artistic practice

 The path from music to sound, from sound to audiovisual works and systems

 Discussing the relationship between sound and contemporary art

 The dichotomy of control and submission in artistic practice

 The process of obtaining a talent visa in the UK

- Challenges that artists face after emigration and how to respond to them adequately

 The process of presenting works at open exhibitions and the real chances of success when using this mechanism

 Art as a mechanism for creating and manifesting different perspectives

 Conceptual art and the importance of context

 Creating temporary systems

 Death and immortality in culture and art, and their impact on human experience

 Anti-war art

 Avoiding direct statements


Self-reflection and personal identity

The importance of being able to listen and hear

The role of individualism in history and culture and inclusive historical narratives

Observation as a creative method

Favorite projects, such as Nam June Paik and "Where Are the Dogs Running"

Episode links

Andrey's site — 


00:11 —  Andrey explains how their engineering background and exposure to modern art led them to pursue technological art.
02:18 — The speaker explains how they moved away from music and became more interested in sound practices.
05:05 — Shifting from recording music to focusing on live improvisation.
10:00 — importance of live performance in their artistic practice.
11:18 — The speaker explains their decision to apply for a talent visa and the process of obtaining it.
12:26 — about starting from scratch in a new place and the importance of new communications
29:30 — About the value and benefit of art in society and its ability to convey different perspectives.
42:39 — the theme of death in society and its impact on people and the world
49:33 — Conflict between the Soviet mindset and the post-Soviet infrastructure, leading to revanchism in Russia.
51:39 — About the importance of understanding personal identity
58:18 — About the need for dialogue between states, diplomacy, and addressing difficult heritage and historical tensions.
01:01:15 — The discussion Nam June Paik's work
01:02:09 — The work of the band 'Where Dogs Run' and their use of irony in creating art
01:06:11 — About the importance of acknowledging the inevitability of death and its impact on how people live their lives.
01:16:10 — The quality of observance as crucial for artists and scientists
01:18:32 — The role of artists in finding and presenting something from the world, inducing questions and reflections in viewers.

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