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Izrail Gershburg #1 — 

"Role of art in human life"

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Show notes

    Today we have a special guest – Gershburg Israel Matveevich, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR and Russia. He has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Union of Artists of Russia for "Spirituality, Traditions, Mastery," the breastplate of the Ministry of Culture of Russia "For Achievements in Culture," and is a laureate of the regional award "Recognition" for outstanding achievements in the field of visual arts. Additionally, he received the award "Inspiration" from the head of the urban district "City of Kaliningrad" for creating high artistic works of visual art. And for me, he is my beloved grandfather and teacher.


In this episode

— Definitions and differences between art and creativity, as well as their connection to the spiritual and material worlds.
— Beliefs that art should transform individuals and inspire positive emotions.
— The value of art as an activity and its unpredictable consequences.
— Perception of art during the Nazi regime and its influence on the understanding of artistic goals.
— The importance of reflection and the informative nature of art.
— Stages of creative realization and the importance of sharing one's creativity with others.
— The question of the importance of education for artists and viewers.
— Advice for young artists.
— Image and ugliness in artistic works.
— Difficulties that artists face.


1:15 – What is creativity?
1:42 – Special attitude to creativity
2:45 – Is creativity useless?
5:48 – Creativity as reflection
7:00 – The spiritual value of art
8:55 – About poetry
10:30 – Creativity as work
11:18 – Types of creative realization
12:42 – The meaning of craft in art
13:45 – Other priorities in art
15:00 – Taste in art
16:02 – Musical painting
16:23 – What is the difference between creativity and art?
16:55 – Creativity – as a means of cognition of the world
18:37 – How to understand the language of art?
20:17 – The image and its role in art
22:20 – You need to be ready for art
23:25 – Power and freedom of self-expression in art
27:56 – How important is it to create easy-to-read art
28:13 – About the Black square
28:27 – A milestone in art
29:20 – The concept and role of taste in art
30:08 – Is there a painting that combines all the languages of art?
31:38 – The language of music
33:00 – The designation and concept of beauty
34:37 – Beauty assessment tools
35:26 – Isn't it easier for the artist himself to explain his art?
36:22 – A person who is not interested in anything has nothing in his soul
38:10 – The most valuable of the books read
39:25 – Advice to young artists

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