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Dmitriy Morozov #3 — 

 "Activist Art vs. Russian Authoritarianism | Art & Science Ignition | Making it in the Art World"

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Show notes

    Today we have as a guest interdisciplinary artist and researcher Dmitry Morozov. Under the pseudonym ::vtol::, Dmitry creates works in sound art, installations, and performances. Dmitry is the laureate of the State Prize in the field of contemporary art "Innovation" in 2020, in the category "Artist of the Year". He has twice been a laureate of the Kuryokhin Prize: in 2020 (art & science object of the year nomination) and in 2013 (special prize of the French Institute). He received honorable mentions twice in 2015 and 2017 for the Prix Ars Electronica in the Sound Art category. He has participated in the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2011), the largest festival of technological art Ars Electronica (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019), and other international exhibition projects.


In this episode

— Ways of generating ideas in art
— The connection between art and artificial intelligence
— Recommendations for beginner artists
— Interaction of art and science
— Radicalization of art
— Activist art and its consequences
— Commercial projects
— Art in times of war
— Mistakes of beginner artists
— Fear of failure and dependence on successful works
— Money in art
— Social justice
— Where the state budget is directed


0:00 — Information about the guest
0:57 — Where did the interest in technology come from?
7:45 — Methods of historical research that Dmitry adopted from his parents
11:22 — Why did Dmitry choose the name VTOL and what does it mean
15:09 — How did Dmitry move from technology creation to musical activity?
20:46 — Did you manage to find that new sound? Is it worth looking for a new one?
26:47 — Art came from progress
28:37 — Which of the modern technologies inspires Dmitry
32:56 — GPT Chat
33:44 — How technologies like GPT chat will affect art
35:24 — How important is the environment and the party for people of the creative profession?
39:43 — What can I recommend to people who live in small towns or are looking for a creative environment in a new place?
43:39 — How does Dmitry manage to be so productive?
45:10 — How does Dmitry generate so many ideas?
50:30 — What advice can I give to people who have problems with generating ideas
1:08:45 — How science and art combine
1.15:16 — Why are the flagship works of Art and Scince a procedural story?
01:20:02 — How did Dmitry come up with the idea of creating an Antenna and at what time did he create this work
01:24:48 — Are there any examples of such works that really influenced the situation regarding which the artist created these works
01:33:49 — About Activist art

1:40:06 — How has Dmitry's career changed since the beginning of the war?
1:59:38 — Mistakes of people starting their careers in the arts field.
2:15:35 — Dmitry's favorite documentary film.
2:18:44 — If Dmitry could write a phrase on a billboard that would be seen by 1,000,000,000 people, what would it be?

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